Teks dalam bentuk Undangan/Invitation SMP + Jawaban 1



Teks dalam bentuk Undangan/Invitation SMP + Jawaban 1

Sabtu, 08 Desember 2012, Desember 08, 2012
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Soal UN SMP/MTS 2011/2012

 The following text is for questions number 1 and 2.

Please come and celebrate with us at a

Surprise Graduation Party
in honour of our Son's hard work and effort!

Mathew has gained a BA
(Hoes Graphic Design from Glasgow School of Art)

Join us on

Saturday March 25"', 2012 at 7.30 pm
The Castle Rooms, Uddingston.
See you there!

Tony and Louise Gates

Please R.S. V.P. by Monday March 13"', Proud Mum - Louise Gates, Orchardlton Cottage, Main Street, Rothesay, Isle of Bute.

  1. 1.      Where is the party?

A. Mathew Orchadlton Cottage
B. Glasgow School of Art
C. Uddingston
D. The Castle Rooms

  1. 2.      From the text we can say that ....

A. the party will be held in Orchardlton Cottage
B. Tony and Louise Gates are Mathew's parents
C. Mathew must work hard to pass the examination
D. you should confirm to Mathew before coming to the party

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